Request a Fit Kit

Contents of the Leahy Custom Hiking Boots Fit KitContact us before ordering a fit kit. Mail-order custom boots are possible, but I strongly encourage you to make an in-person visit to have your feet cast and measured. Only one in-person visit is required.

The fit kit includes impression foam (crush boxes), a tape measure, and special paper to show weight bearing portions of the feet. Easy to follow instructions on how to measure your feet and using the crush boxes are included. The order form has room to tell me about any special problems you have and how you intend to use your boots.

Measuring your feet is a two person process. It is not difficult, simply take your time and follow the instructions step by step.

Just click the Add to Cart button to start the process. The cost of the fit kit is $50 which covers the cost of the crush boxes, tape measure, imprint paper and shipping. The total cost of the boots including the fit kit is $1975. Please use the Contact page to inquire about other payment options. I guarantee the fit of your boots.

Once I have received the kit back you will be placed in queue. When I am ready to make your boots (typically two to three months) I will contact you for the balance. I will then make your trial boots with your custom orthotic inserts. Within weeks of the return of your trial boots you will have the most comfortable boots you have ever had!