Stoked on the Nurse Floor!

Hello! I finally broke down and had Kevin make me some boots. I have spent thousands of dollars on shoes—constantly trying to outsmart my foot and back pain. It is frustrating.
I was born with my right leg an inch shorter than my left. After growing up cramming my feet in ski-boots I also have neuromas and a bunion. It blows.
I have orthotics—but they aren’t really that amazing either.
So, these boots Kevin made me…my feet don’t hurt. My back doesn’t hurt. I am a nurse and I wear them for 12 hours on hard floors—and they really improve my life.
I even wore them with a short skirt on my day off and looked like an extra for “The Sound of Music”.
The boots are great for hiking—but I am now using them for everything.
Thanks Kevin.
Signed your skateboarding, surfing, hiking, bike riding, snowboarding customer who is stoked to be pain free—