Thanks again for the boots!

Hi Kevin,
I hope that your new year has begun well.  I’m back from my European walking, and want to report what a success the boots were.  I walked from France over the Pyrenees to Burgos before I decided to add bus and train to my modes of travel – mostly due to the inclement weather along the way.  It was a wonderful and difficult experience, and I tell my friends when asked that one of the main miracles of the Camino de Santiago for me was finally discovering footwear that would allow me to walk more than a few blocks without major foot pain.
My feet and knees came through very well considering the test that they were put through going over the Pyrenees, in particular.
Also, I would like to order another pair of shoes.  I’d appreciate if you can give me the details on this so that I can send you what you need to add me to your list.