Hard to Fit? No Problem!

I’m not the typical hiker/backpacker, at 6’11”, 270 lbs and size 18 feet!! There are no commercially available hiking boots that fit me well enough to use for heavy backpacking trips.

Kevin built me an amazing pair of boots that I have used on local trails and all over the Sierra Nevadas. This is legimate all season footwear—spring, summer, winter and fall. Great support, great traction and great comfort!! I have forded numerous streams, and they have never let in any water. (I do follow his directions for keeping the leather treated!)

Because of my size, and the terrain I hike on, I push my footwear pretty hard. Kevin has provided great support for the boots as well. He has made repairs when needed at very reasonable rates.

When I need to go over a mountain pass carrying a backpack, I don’t have to worry about my footwear. I have recommended Leahy Custom Boots to many other hikers, and at least two podiatrists.