Renewed by the Mountains and my Boots!

Buying Kevin’s hiking boots was an act of faith on my part, and it paid off wonderfully. The boots just came out of a 70-mile week in the Rockies on mountain trails, bushwhacking up to 8 miles in a stretch, 4th class scrambling, easy 5th class pitches, and on several 15+ miles days. For the first time in my life, I walked 20 quick miles in a day, and my feet were not sore or tired; I felt I was wearing ultralight shoes. Another day I bushwacked a 10 hour day (in a non-stop downpour) up a steep river valley, over blown-down trees, through a burnt down forest, across boulder fields above timberline, then down a steep river valley with 30-degree wet mossy slopes with ease. I felt I had billygoat feet!
I learned on that trip that proper footwear enables a body to move painlessly through the high country; the result of the finest materials in the hands of a craftsman who transforms bootmaking into an artform. The best boot companies manufacture boots; Kevin creates masterpieces for each individual. I know — I own a pair.
I earn a middle-class income, I am frugal and having Kevin craft boots for me is the best value I’ve seen in outdoor gear: I only wish I found him years ago. I arrived at Kevin’s shop damaged after a lifetime in the mountains. At forty I had four spine surgeries resulting in three herniated disks and three arthritic vertebrae, a knee with 3 points of full cartilage degeneration and no feeling in parts of my left foot (the result of severe nerve damage). My days in the wilderness were numbered and thanks to Kevin they’ve been extended.