Best Boots Ever!


Custom Walking Shoes

Kevin Leahy makes outstanding boots and shoes. He made me a pair of boots about 8 weeks ago and I have used them extensively hiking. I am so impressed with the quality and fit and also the wonderful orthotic that really solves the arch and ankle problem in my weak left foot. I have had custom boots made by several makers and all fall very short of the quality and fit of Kevin Leahy’s boots. He is meticulous in the fit of the boot and his method of measurement of my feet is very accurate. I have never had support in my weak left arch and ankle as I have from his boots. All the custom boots I have by Peter Limmer Co., Van Gorkom and Crary are good but still did not solve my weak left arch and ankle problem. Crary came the closest but Kevin Leahy’s boots are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and care. The skill and knowledge that goes into his boots from years of training and experience working as a young man under Austrian and German master bootmakers is outstanding. All the knowledge of building boots for over 38 years shows up in the quality of his boots. Also, his orthopedic training from UCLA undoubtedly enabled him to build the boots to support my left arch and ankle.

I just had Kevin build me a pair of chukka boots and I love them. I look forward to wearing my boots professionally as I lead my next wildlife photo safari in Africa.

Doug C.

Update      Hi Kevin,
Still leading a safari in Kenya and finished the Tanzania safari.
Wanted to let you know that the boots are performing brilliantly.
I have never had such support. Before your boots I was never able to wear boots or shoes all day in the field.   Doug

Unlined Boots Update:

Just got home and put on your latest un-lined boots. Love the fit so far. Will wear them around this weekend but they feel really good.
Also really like the look and the one-piece thicker leather is wonderful. Loved your other boots but like these even more. Also like the toe covering to protect the boot when hiking and kicking stuff.
2/28/16     Hi Kevin – enjoying your great boots. Used them now in Tanzania for 22 days on Safari and enjoy them even more then the others. Fantastic and thank you.  Doug

Great Boots!

Custom Walking Shoes from Molds

Thank you, Kevin

Boots are superb looking and fit great! Hiked a mile yesterday, 4 miles today (I’ll try to control myself). The toe boxes offer wonderful room and are so comfy on the down hill hike, the arch support is right on with no aches or discomfort. The Vibram sole is the right one, I love the no-heel design, comfort and stability is primo. The heel fit is the kicker (so to speak) perfect, such a pleasure wearing the boots. I see no serious nor minor problems evolving presently, nor do I expect to. I would also like to order a pair of your shoes using the same last. Thank you so much for this great boot and your professional gift!

2 photos after 80 trail miles. Comfy and soft and flexible…good ride…great boots Kevin!!!….thanks…

I was just looking at your shoes again on your website. I have decided to go ahead and purchase them. I need another hiker for separate uses. My boots are feeling really good. The leather is quite soft and sturdy…never have felt boots like this..they are breaking in very nicely….have never had such good arch support….few more weeks we will send photos of beautiful broken-in boots…again, the leather is fantastic. Thanks again.

Best regards,