About the Boots

Casting of your feet is available for the ultimate in fit! Use the Contact page to schedule your appointment in Santa Cruz, California.

What makes my boots different?boots with tools

I make your boots to measurements of your feet, using my 40 years experience in orthopedic shoemaking to precisely fit you. I have years of training under Austrian and German Master Shoemakers in both very traditional bootmaking and the latest knowledge in orthopedics. In addition I completed the Graduate Program in Prosthetics at UCLA with the entire attendant curriculum in anatomy, kinesiology, gait assessment and pathomechanics. I bring all my training and experience to making your boots.

Traditional Design

The boots are a traditional Tyrolean design taught to me by an old Tyrolean bootmaker. The boots have all leather uppers, lining and insoles. The outsole is Vibram and easily repaired. The design has a padded bellows tongue and the boot is made with a minimum of seams, all double or triple stitched with the strongest thread. A pair of men’s size 12 boots weighs about 4 pounds (less than two kilograms). This is the lightest that all leather boots can be made and still be sturdy enough to maintain their support over the years. The leathers used in the upper and lining are supple and easily broken in. I choose only the best leathers and components to make your custom boots.

Shock Absorbing Midsoles

The midsoles are made from a special shock absorbing rubber which I import from Germany. I have used this material for years on my own shoes and boots, and the difference in comfort is incredible! This rubber does not breakdown, and your knees and back will thank you every time you take a step.

Strong Heel Counters

One thing that Heinz, my teacher, taught me is that “the counter is the soul of the boot”. The counter is the stiffener that wraps around your heel between the upper leather and lining of your boot. I use specially tanned counter leather from Europe to make the counters for your boots. I pre-mold them to the lasts I have made for you, unlike pre-made factory counters that break down and lose their shape after a few months. Nothing is more essential to the longevity of the fit of your boots than good heel counters. A counter is like a soul, you can’t see it, but it is important!

Dan's Boot

Custom Foot Orthotics

Every pair of boots includes a pair of custom foot orthotics (a $400 value) made from your molds. Additional orthotics for your street shoes are available.